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Kelly C. Bailo, P.E. – Engineer


Kelly Bailo is an engineering consultant and Professional Engineer who has, since the inception of A-REC, gained experience in the Engineering Drawing and Analysis and other duties required for Accident Reconstruction.

As a Mechanical Engineer, Kelly was involved early on in the field of Finite Element Structural Analysis. She has extensive experience in the areas of Static and Dynamic Structural Analyses using Finite Element Methods including analyzing vehicle systems. She has done research with Smart Materials, Acoustic applications and Composite Materials.

After graduating from Michigan Technological University (MTU), Kelly worked as a design engineer with Emerson Electric. She worked on her Masters Degree in Engineering Mechanics while working full time, graduating in 1987 from the University of Missouri, Rolla. Kelly spent several years studying and performing research activities at the University of Michigan in the PhD program in Mechanical Engineering. Kelly chose to spend the last few years raising two daughters and volunteering.


  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Finite Element Methods
  • Static and Dynamic Structural Analyses
  • Composite and Smart Material Applications

Professional Engineer/Licensed in State of Michigan


Post Graduate Studies (PhD Candidate) — Mechanical Engineering; University of Michigan
Masters of Science - Engineering Mechanics; University of Missouri- Rolla
Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering; Michigan Technological University


Journal Paper
• K. Bailo, D. Brei and K. Grosh, "Investigation of Curved Polymeric Piezoelectric Active Diaphragms", ASME Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, June 2000.

Conference Papers
• K.C. Bailo, D. Brei, and F. T. Calkins, “Investigation of PVdF Active Diaphragms for Synthetic Jets,” SPIE 7th Annual Symposium on Smart Structures and Materials, Newport Beach, CA, Vol. 3991-29, March 2000.
• K.C. Bailo, D. Brei and K. Grosh, "Investigation of the Effect of the Angle of Incidence on Polymeric Piezoelectric Acoustic Transducer Performance", 1998 ASME IMECE: ASME Vibration and Noise Control, Anaheim, CA, Nov. 15-20, 1998, DE.-Vol 97, DSC-Vol. 65, pp. 85-92.
• K.C. Bailo, D. Brei and K. Grosh, March 1998, “Investigation of Polymeric Piezoelectric Acoustic Semi-circular Transducer”, SPIE Smart Structures and Materials: Smart Structures and Integrated Systems, San Diego, CA, Vol. 3329, pp. 150-160.
Investigation of Curved Polymeric Piezoelectric Active Diaphragms

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