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Engineering Services

AT A-REC we have experienced and competent professional engineers to complete an accident reconstruction and coordinate any other testing, demonstrations and analysis required.  One of our first jobs at A-REC was constructing a full scale steering buck for Toyota.  This fully functional steering wheel, steering column and front axle was extracted from an exemplar vehicle and mounted for trial demonstration purposes.

In his 20+ years, Steve M. Bailo, PE has had experience with Handling and Stability analyses.  He was involved in the instrumentation and data collection for a series of road tests at Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, MI.  Instrumentation was used to capture detailed vehicle dynamic data for analysis.

At A-REC we use engineering and physics based methods to perform the following tasks and more:

Exemplar Vehicle Studies

  • Investigating exemplar vehicles can aid in determining crush/damage.

    Exemplar Vehicle

Full Scale Vehicle Exhibits

  • Fully functional vehicle exhibits can be a great tool in the courtroom.

Full Scale Demonstrations

  • Handling and Stability testing, surrogate studies and more.

    Full Scale Demo

Case Specific Demonstrations

  • We will help you obtain the information you require on your specific case.

Photogrammetric Analysis

  • We have the tools to use photogrammetry when traditional methods cannot be used.


Vehicle 3D Digitizing


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