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Accident Reconstruction

A-REC consultants and engineers conduct accident reconstruction investigation and analysis of all types and complexities of accidents. We have experience with accidents involving passenger vehicles, sport utility vehicles, light trucks, vans, tractor-trailers, motorcycles, buses, off-road vehicles and pedestrians. During the reconstruction process, a complete dynamic analysis is performed of the vehicle(s) motion time history throughout the accident sequence of events, including the calculation of key factors such as the collision severity (Delta-V), impact pulse characteristics, Principal Direction of Force (PDOF) and roll velocities. We will evaluate the driver(s) inputs and the corresponding vehicle(s) response. And when possible, determine potential contributions of mechanical failure or external forces. The types of accidents reconstructed include single vehicle crashes, multiple vehicle crashes, vehicle rollovers, or any combination of these events.

Investigations that Steve and A-REC have been involved with include:

Passenger Vehicle Accidents

  • Single and Multi-vehicle collisions can result in injury, property damage, and death. A-REC can help litigators understand contributing factors.

    Escape Crash
    Crash Videos

Passenger Vehicle Rollovers

  • A-REC’s engineering based reconstruction analysis can be key to understanding the motion history of rollover accidents.


Commercial Vehicle Accidents

  • We have experience with Tractor-trailer and other commercial vehicles incidents.

    Truck Rollover Video

Motorcycle Accidents

  • We have experience with motorcycle collisions.


Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

  • Almost two-thirds of the 1.2 million people killed in road traffic crashes worldwide are pedestrians (http://www.worldbank.org/transport/roads/safety.htm). We have experience with pedestrian & bicycle accidents including timing and sight distance analyses.


Unique Accidents

  • Our consultants have been involved with analyzing other unique collisions including: snowmobile-auto, animal-auto, and more.


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