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Our Services

A-REC specializes in most aspects of Accident Reconstruction Investigation and Analysis including Expert Witness Consulting and Testimony as well as Trial Exhibit Preparation and Support. Our consultants and engineers can assist you in assessing an accident, documenting the scene, testing and/or demonstrating key evidence and ultimately testifying in court. Below is a brief overview of some of our areas of specialties:

Accident Reconstruction

  • Inspect the accident vehicles and components to determine crush/damage patterns
  • Inspect the accident site
  • Survey the accident site using Robotic Total Station survey equipment
  • Inspect exemplar vehicles
  • Perform occupant kinematic analyses
  • Perform photogrammetric analyses of vehicles and sites

Engineering Services

  • Exemplar vehicle studies
  • Full scale vehicle exhibits
  • Full scale demonstrations
  • Case specific testing and demonstrations
  • Vehicle 3D digitizing
  • Event Data Retrieval (Black Box)

Litigation Support

  • Expert Witness Testimony

Trial Exhibit Preparation

  • Photographic enlargements
  • Color shaded scene diagrams
  • 3D vehicle and scene models
  • Animations and simulations

Preliminary Engineering Reconstruction Consultation

Rapid Response Accident Investigation


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